Energy Powerhouse Regent Power Gets a New Brand Look and a New Brand Persona


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“Marketing isn’t just saying “we do this” or “we do that” or barfing our accomplishments on people, it is communicating our mission, our connection, our reason for developing win/win relationships. I believe that having Sandbox on my communications strategy team is a sound and rewarding business decision.”

–Laura Jones

Laura Jones knew her ideas could change the world. She started her independent company, Regent Power, to make these dreams a reality. The challenge Laura ran into, like many entrepreneurs who deal in the business of transforming lives, was finding the right audience to believe her ideas were worth their investment.

When Laura originally began her company, she didn’t have much money, so she relied on a neighborhood friend to put a website together to get her company up and running. The site was simple, just giving basic information about Laura and her company—it wasn’t convincing anyone that Laura’s ideas were anything special.

However, when Ameren UE expressed their interest in working with Laura, they let her know she’d need to package her website in a much more convincing and professional way if she wanted investors to see Regent Power as a viable company. Her current website didn’t show off the potential her company had. It was hurting her chances of working on important projects.

In a slight panic, Laura turned to Sandbox Creative to help her streamline her message and create a site that would legitimize her organization. Sandbox walked her through their brand story process. They helped her identify the key audiences and position herself as a guide to assist these audience members. Defining her brand in this way earned Laura’s trust in Sandbox Creative.

They designed a professional website that brought Regent Power a whole new level of competitiveness. Packaging Laura’s ideas more cohesively immediately changed investors’ opinions of her. They went from looking at her website with hesitation to looking at her company as a viable resource.

Many entrepreneurs want to keep their initial investment costs low, because they don’t have the big budget to sell their big ideas. They have to choose between saving money and sacrificing quality or making a commitment to quality that will truly make a difference. When people, with great ideas, try to cut costs by using borrowed templates and cookie cutter approaches, they don’t realize they’re sending the message that their story isn't really worth hearing.

Laura needed to get people to care about what she’d created. Sandbox Creative helped her craft a unique story and professional presentation that transformed investors’ opinions and made them care about her ideas. Her commitment to quality showed others that her company and story were unique and worth the investment.

If you have a tired brand that you're looking to relaunch, we would love to hear all about it. Please call us at (314) 968-2323.


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All content © Sandbox Creative Two, Inc., 1999 - 2020. All rights reserved.